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Book of Remembrance


Welcome to the Association of Royal Yachtsmen (ARY) foundation Book of Remembrance.

Some 3,300 Officers and ratings were selected for the Royal Yacht Service in either the Victoria and Albert or Britannia. The later having enjoyed 44 years in Service before being decommissioned on the 11 December 1997 in Portsmouth Dockyard.

Membership of the ARY is open to all of those who served and joining details are given in the Membership banner on this landing page.

There are two parts to the Book of Remembrance:

The Index

The Index includes all those past Yachtsmen whom have been identified as having Crossed over the Bar* by our researcher Michael Hill, a serving past Yachtsmen of the early 1960’s.

The Index consists of a 6-line entry per Yachtsman, which is a brief summary of that individual. Indicating Rank/Rate while serving in Royal Yacht Service and the Rank/Rate on termination of Royal Navy service.

Book Of Remembrance Index

1.2MB PDF Document

Full Page Entries

The second part of the Book of Remembrance are the Full-Page entries normally composed with the assistance of the Next of Kin, relatives and/or friends of the deceased.

Ideally, we would like all past Yachtsmen to have a Full-Page entry and tribute to their service, every effort is made to ensure this happens. However, there are many past Yachtsmen who have disappeared without trace.

Therefore, if you are reading this page and know of any past Yachtsman who is deceased and not included within the Book of Remembrance or indeed identify any information that is incorrect or insufficient then please contact the Curator. In this case the Curator is David Rushforth who can be contacted at


Book Of Remembrance Full Pages

58MB PDF Document

The Index and Full Pages are held on Board the Royal Yacht Britannia which is the Headquarters of the Association of Royal Yachtsmen. These are held in a viewing case under lock and key and are printed on high quality velum. Should any member of the public wish to view the book then the local guide situated close by, will facilitate this.

Many thanks for viewing this Book of Remembrance.